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September 2020

N.O.W. – The Nature of Wellbeing.

Starting new and important conversations…

Right now we are in a state of change, everything is being challenged, our home is under threat and understanding our mental health is as vitally important as it has ever been, if not more so.

Central to maintaining healthy personal balance is an appreciation of all the various aspects we need to juggle.

This exhibition delivers an artistic insight into our ‘understanding of’ and ‘relationship with’ wellbeing.
The work explores an all round inspection of the personal areas of a balanced healthy life.
Specifically ’n.o.w.’ looks at the important role the outdoors and the natural world plays in building and maintaining a healthy us.

Si Homfray is a graphic designer, adventurer, artist and author.

Hathersage Gallery.
Open 10am – 5pm. Tuesday to Saturday.
3a Hathersage Business Park,
Heather Lane,
Derbyshire S32 1DP



Peak Dsitrict Design - NOW Exhibition.