Starts January 6th.

Hunt for the Golden Ticket.

There will be 25 days of word clues, ending on the last day of January.
A quiz featuring interesting facts about the Peak District will unfold every day
on Facebook and Instagram.

All you have to do to win, is piece together the 25 clues to reveal the
secret location of the Golden Ticket.
The winner gets £250 worth of prize, the 11th Stanage Pot of Gold.

Free to enter.
Every correct entry wins a limited edition print of the peak district treasure map.
Simply follow us and share a social media post when you start…

Treasure Map

Treasure Hunt Map

To record your answers for each day,
there will be a downloadable PDF to ‘print off’ on this link from Jan 6th.

Keep a record of your answers and the clue words that appear every day on social media.

The clue words will reveal the secret location of the Golden ticket.

Daily Clues on Facebook and Instagram

Word clues, as well as daily quiz questions, will be posted to Facebook and Instagram every day, revealing clues to the precise location of the Golden Ticket, which entitles the finder to the Big Prize.

Clues will be released every day from January 6th on the Peak District Design Facebook and Instagram accounts: