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Peak District Design was set up with a love for design and a love for the Peak District National Park.

By exploring new ways of looking at the Peak District National Park, Si Homfray is turning strong visual ideas into design for household products and giftware, responsibly and with occasional humour.

New products will be added every week… It’s early days here at Peak District Design… and although hundreds of designs have been created, taking care to produce and deliver quality products will take a little more time… Thank you for your patience.

Si Homfray is striving to create new giftware ideas and household products with a fresh, contemporary and thoroughly modern take on our natural heritage. Si.

Product Ranges

The Iconic Peak District Range

The Iconic Peak District Range of products is a series of built up from several levels of intriguing detail. Featuring new techniques of design hidden within design.

The Contour Design Range

The Peak District Design Contour Range of products comprises a series of treasured locations from around the Peak District mapped out as their actual contours.

I love the Peak District Range

The I love, or the I heart, the Peak District range is a series of graphic designs featuring ideas that revolve around expressing confident love for our first National Park.

Sentiments & Sensibilities

This range of products revolves around written expressions. These sentiments describe the lift that we gain from large open spaces such as the Peak District.

Peak District Idylls

This range of products revolves around strong representational line drawings and colours of the more beautiful spots, the idyll that is the Peak District National Park.