Christmas and New Year 2020

Important Dates

Online – Last date for orders before Christmas, midnight Tuesday 15th December.
Gallery and Shop – Closes Midday 24rd December.
Gallery and Shop – Reopens Tuesday 5th January.

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm.

Online Ordering over Xmas break available with 10-14 days delivery.
Online Ordering in the New Year available with 7-10 days delivery.

Existing Orders as at 14th December 2020

I am still a few days behind with current orders and for some people there seems to be a receipting problem when they place an order. I’m really sorry if you have had to ring or email me, but please feel reassured everything will be sorted in time now.

Christmas Post and delayed deliveries

The Royal Mail is a little overwhelmed, right now, so hopefully your order will arrive soon.
f.y.i. I do know that, randomly, some of the Post Office parcels are taking 2 weeks right now and that they are seriously busy in a historic way.


Thank you everybody for everything in 2020.

I’ll write a full review and a major thankyou later, meanwhile I still have orders to fulfill !

What a lovely problem to have.

Let’s all celebrate reaching 2021 safely, together and with kindness for each other.

Kindest as ever,