Home is where the heart is…

Grindleford was my home for 20 years... wow! I was a lucky fella. It's a place packed full of happy memories, great views, fresh air and above all a regular run up onto Froggatt and Curbar back along the White Edge and back down the woods, occasionally full of Bluebells. A very lucky man! I've been trying to find a piece of work that sums up my positive feelings and happy memories of this run for quite a while. Craig had been nagging me for work that works in two colours as we are so keen to start work on [...]

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Exhibition of Peak District Design Art

Peak District Design are proud to announce a date for the launch of their Exhibition of Peak District inspired art. 28th July 2018 Featuring Original Art, Prints, Giclée, Screen Prints, Clothing, Stationery, Giftware and Ceramics, we shall present unseen work from the last years projects. There will be plenty of new unseen work as well as work from the following existing ranges: • Contours • Idylls • I love the Peak • Sentiments and Sensibilities • Iconic and a new range titled: 'Wellbeing' will be launched.  

Stanage Edge… Between a rock and a more spiritual place

I am torn between keeping private and sharing the most profound experiences of my life. I love Stanage, as I love life itself. It has been the place where I have had a great many of the most enduring experiences of my life. On one hand it is a very private place, albeit shared with some extraordinary people over the last 40 years. On the other hand I feel compelled to create work and a need to share the emotional space that comes from these happy memories and the great joy that it gifts me. I know that I am [...]

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The making of a flower meadow

Inspired by the Peak Park’s 1998 report of Hay Meadows, I was determined to explore the beautiful shape and colour of the ever more disappearing Hay Meadow. Having loved so many days in the Peak District photographing the flowers’ detail, random array and searching for elusive colour combinations, I had many happy memories of peaceful solitude, bird song and nostalgic smells of grass meadows with only a camera for companion. I wanted to revisit that place not least of all as a ‘pick me up’. When a colleague at the park sent me the Hay Meadow report for an illustration [...]

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The Heart of the Park

The Heart of the Park is a graphical representation of a Sessile Oak. The image, taken from a Chatsworth Oak tree is built up of 1000’s of oak tree leaves and acorns icons. At its heart is a circular poem comprising a series of the twelve sentiments that describe the beauty of the Peak District National Park.

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